Webinar: Look Under the Hood of Analytics Dashboard

Analytics Dashboard: A Look Under the Hood

Wellntel's Analytics Dashboard

Wellntel’s Analytics Dashboard is a living library of interactive tools to see network and well behaviors and interactions in real-time, creating powerful new opportunities for managers and consultants.

Learn what you can you do with Wellntel's Analytics Dashboard:

You will understand network, well, and groundwater behaviors and interactions in real time. You can automate the hard work of data assembly, parsing, analysis and reporting of groundwater-level information. And you can leverage new classes, organization and depth of information for groundwater models and reports, resulting in better diagnostics and local conclusions.

In addition, learn how you can:

  • Automate assembly, analysis and reporting of groundwater-level information
  • Leverage flexible reporting tools show: contours, comparisons, pivots or lists.
  • Reveal important conditions like human impacts or environmental pressures on groundwater systems.
  • Deploy new groundwater management metrics for better diagnostics, smarter local conclusions.

This is a free informational online seminar for groundwater managers and consultants.