Webinar: How to setup a surface-to-groundwater monitoring system

Groundwater to surface water links

Have you wondered if there is a connection between a pumping well and surface water? Here is an all new way to find out.

Citizen scientists, hydrologists or hydrogeologists may want to explore the connections between groundwater and surface water. This webinar explains how to go about that using Wellntel's innovative sensors and network.

Via a live online demonstration hosted at Wellntel's wet lab, we'll explain how to set up a Wellntel Groundwater Sensor and a Wellntel Tank sensor in a network to be able to see and analyze possible connections between groundwater pumping and surface water levels, or surface water levels and groundwater recharge.

 Wellntel Surface to Groundwater Kit

This Webinar will cover proper site selection and considerations, installation and benchmarking, and will show examples of system data and possible analytics.

This is an informational online seminar for land-owners and caretakers, naturalists, citizen scientists, hydro-geologists, academics, researchers, groundwater consultants, civil engineers, management agencies, and public works and resource managers. Attendees will leave with a clear understanding and tools to create their own networks, gather their own data and analyze it. Webinar attendees will recieve free access to the Wellntel cloud to test features, as well as discounts and free software and support services of they choose to proceed into pilot testing.