Webinar: How to set up a benchmark test of Wellntel

Water resources and groundwater professionals are invited to learn how to conduct comparison tests of Wellntel vs conventional technologies like pressure transduceres, peizometers and loggers.

Using case examples and practical guidelines, we will suggest test planning, test siting, installation and calibration, benchmarking, setting up intervals, accessing and comparing data. 

Benchmark your instruments

This Webinar will explain proper methods and measures to conduct a good accuracy or performance test, like measuring and applying a benchmark, as shown in the sample slide above.

This is an informational online seminar for hydro-geologists, academics, researchers, groundwater consultants, civil engineers, management agencies, and public works and resource managers. Attendees will leave with a clear understanding and tools to conduct their own tests. Webinar attendees will recieve discounts and free software and support services of they choose to proceed into pilot testing.