Webinar: How to create a groundwater monitoring network in your community

Setting up a Groundwater Monitoring Network

Factual understanding of groundwater resources is becoming increasingly important for today’s water managers. But tight budgets, reduced staffing and limited access to land in critical areas to deploy monitoring wells makes getting the data and understanding more challenging.

  • What if, rather than drill new test wells, you could transform private wells into a monitoring network at fraction of the cost?
  • What if, instead of dispatching technicians you could see real-time, high-resolution water level details from your groundwater basin securely online?
  • What if stakeholders in your area started to learn about groundwater resources and understand the importance of groundwater management?
  • What if you could identify and proactively manage risk in your groundwater supply?

Learn how State and local resource scientists, rural water managers, land managers and concerned citizens are working together in fact sharing groundwater level monitoring programs using Wellntel technology.

More specifically, learn how to setup your first groundwater program (or improve an existing one.) We'll cover:

  • What Wellntel is and how it works
  • How much it costs and how it performs 
  • How to design a program, including site selection and well suitability 
  • How privacy and security are ensured and how to set up multi-level data access
  • And how to set up agreements with participants and volunteers

This is a free informational online seminar. Webinar attendees will receive discounts and free software and support services if they choose to proceed with a pilot program.