Webinar: Cost-Effectively Monitor Groundwater Levels, Engage Your Community and Build a Better GSP

Creating and implementing your Groundwater Sustainability Plan can be complex, time-consuming and expensive. Wellntel changes the game.

Wellntel GSP Collage

What if:

  • Instead of drilling new test wells, you could transform private wells into a monitoring network at a fraction of the cost?
  • Instead of dispatching technicians for periodic tapedowns or paying for expensive cellular connections, you could leverage existing internet infrastructure to stream data real-time to the cloud and easily access rich, accurate and aggregated datasets?
  • Instead of guessing, you could identify and proactively manage risk in your groundwater supply?
  • Instead of waiting for reports, community members could engage and learn about their own resource as well as the importance of shared groundwater management?

To learn how Wellntel can help GSA’s, Irrigation Districts and their consultants cost-effectively create groundwater-level monitoring programs, build rich datasets and engage their communities for sustainable groundwater management, simply register using the form to the right.\

This is a free informational online seminar.