Webinar: An Introduction to the Wellntel API

How to add and access stored information for models, other databases and websites using Wellntel's New Analytics Dashboard API:

Wellntel’s API is an efficient and useful tool for accessing groundwater monitoring network data in the Cloud, uploading data to the Cloud, transferring data automatically between databases, and creating powerful new opportunities for managers and consultants who work in a code environment.
API Cartoon

Learn what you can do with Wellntel's API:

You will learn the basics of Wellntel’s API, how it works, and what it does to support data access and uploading data for persistent storage in real-time. You can automate the hard work of data transfer between sensors in the field and the Cloud as well as between Cloud databases leveraging new classes, organization and depth of information for groundwater models and reports. The Wellntel API supports best data management practices and can be used to better inform local conclusions.

  • How to utilize the Wellntel API in coding platforms like R to run GET queries to access data from a PC for analysis.
  • Useful tips and tricks for handling API query output for easy and efficient coding, including the packages required and the basics for using them.
  • Use case examples of how groundwater monitoring networks are using the Wellntel API to manage data as well as post data for persistent storage with Wellntel through local telemetry systems.
  • How to upload data for persistent storage using the Wellntel Analytics Dashboard Upload feature.

This is a free informational online seminar for Wellntel Analytics Dashboard subscribers and interested groundwater managers and consultants.