Educators and natural-resource-focused organizations can contribute to the community conversation about groundwater resources

Wellntel for Sentinels

Attend an informational online seminar for teachers, conservationists, citizen scientists, and anyone with a passion for natural resources - in this case groundwater information - and who understand that better information is vital to the public conversation.

Wellntel is building strong relationships with research and education organizations around the country to support and strengthen rich groundwater science though a program called “Wellntel Sentinel Sites.”

Sentinel sites are research, education, and other science and groundwater land stewardship organizations that have groundwater wells and want to build or enhance their monitoring, research, and education efforts.

The Sentinel Site Program creates mutually beneficial partnerships where Wellntel systems and the data collected help sentinel participants reach their research, education, and environmental impact goals. In turn, Wellntel facilitates the exchange of information between Sentinels and scientists that can use these data for research. It's a collaboration to support a deeper understanding of the local groundwater conditions, risk and opportunity.