Webinar: How to make the most of ample, accessible, and actionable groundwater data

Community Groundwater Network

Community Groundwater Networks (CGNs) are locally-focused groundwater monitoring arrays that deliver high density model and decision-ready data to key stakeholders. 

This webinar helps agencies plan for the opportunities inherent in the networks themselves, and importantly, in the transformational processes, datasets and water management tools they bring. 

With Wellntel CGNs, agencies leverage citizen science enthusiasm with a professional grade platform and get to resource management more efficiently. CGNs:

  1. are budget and people-friendly
  2. visualize network-wide trends and concerns
  3. automate repetitive tasks to enable a clear focus on outreach and informed action
  4. offer density of data unavailable before
  5. provide new classes of data that integrate science, operations, economics
  6. are web, DB or model-ready, therefore is socially and institutionally-powerful

Attendees will compare conventional processes, which have, until now, been limited by complexity and cost, to the stakeholder-centric scalable processes that CGNs enable. 

Conventional Groundwater Data Collection Process:

Conventional Process

CGN Process:

Wellntel CGN Process

More specifically, we will discuss best practice network design and data practices and opportunities from the perspective of a sponsoring agency:

  1. What makes an ideal site or member candidate?
  2. How to ensure backwards compatibility to existing data sets?
  3. How to take advantage of cloud automation?
  4. How can meta-tagging (Pump events, recovery events, system-wide events, third party data) support new conclusions? 
  5. What is Big Data telling us that we didn’t know before?
  6. What might Bigger Data tell us?

*In this case, consider that Big "Groundwater" Data is information collected continuously, shared in near realtime, from many nearby locations, and delivered with "smart" tags to enable alerting, operational efficiency and performance, resource wellness and trends.

When much is known by many, sponsors will help communities build resiliance. We hope you'll attend this seminar, invite colleague, and learn more.