Wellntel Solar System Replacement Battery

Replace the battery in a Wellntel Solar Kit

What Does It Offer?

A slide-in replacement for the lead acid battery included in a Wellntel solar power system.

Lead acid batteries have a life span determined by the number of depletion and charge cycles, and the temperature in which it operates. For example, hotter batteries will not last as long as cool batteries. When the battery life in a Wellntel solar system comes to an end, it will not be able to provide sufficient energy to power a sensor and will be indicated by a low voltage alert from your Wellntel.com dashboard.

Replace the original solar system battery* with a slide in replacement.


Open the Wellntel sensor box, disconnect the battery terminals, remove the battery.

Slide the new battery into the box and reconnect the terminals, with the red wire connecting to the "+" terminal and the black wire connecting to the "-". 

Close the box.

What’s in the box?

  • 1 Wellntel Solar System Battery