Wellntel Solar Power Upgrade

A 12V 15W outdoor solar panel, battery, controller, and tower designed to keep Wellntel running ad infinitum.

What Does It Offer?

Power a Wellntel Sensor from the sun.

Not a lightweight system: this is hardened, water- and weather-proof gear hand-picked and outfitted by Wellntel engineers to power your Wellntel.

* Image shows a Wellntel Sensor, which is not included in this accessory kit, meant for pre-existing installations. If you need a one, start with a Home Static or +Pump Kit, and choose the solar option.


This plug and play, hardened 15W outdoor solar power kit comes with instructions and all parts to mount the panel, battery, controller, housing and connect it to your Wellntel Sensor. It can be up and running with a two screwdrivers in about 30 minutes and you'll never buy another battery to run your Wellntel!

What’s in the boxes?

  • Solar Cell
  • Water and weather-proof enclosure
  • Rechargable Battery
  • Charging and Load Controller
  • Tower and hardware to attach it to the well casing
  • Tamper proof lock
  • Brackets and fasteners
  • Pre-labelled, pre-stripped cables and cord-grips
  • Installation Manual

* The panel and box can be mounted to the enclosed tower mount on the well casing or a nearby fence post. Of course, it's a good idea to get it up and out of the shade. It can be placed up to 12 feet away from your Wellntel. This image shows a typical casing mount. 

Wellntel Solar Kit Mounting Sample