Wellntel SmartVent™

Add a vent for adequate air flow during pumping or better signal performance in monitoring applications, and when using Wellntel on a southern style well-seal.

What Does It Offer?

Wellntel's new SmartVent™ is the new standard for instrumenting wells with seals. This simple but elegant design provides:

  • No spin installation and uninstallation (especially helpful where clearances are tight)
  • Proper venting (air flow into and out of the well during pumping) with flood protection
  • A second leg for an optional tape-down measurement without sensor removal (a professional should be consulted for in-well procedures like these.)

*Any well seal must be properly vented for both proper pumping operation and to project installed equipment. Lack of sufficient venting will void the Wellntel warranty.

SmartVent™ should be included in applications where there is/are:

  • an existing well seal where a vent is already installed
  • a well with a seal used for irrigation
  • air flow is observed at the well head during pumping event
  • other conditions as recommended by Wellntel technicians.

Installers and consultants are invited to download and read Wellntel's Site Suitability Questionnaire, which will help determine whether or not to suggest/include SmartVent.


Simply install the Wellntel SmartVent below your Wellntel sensor and above the well cap using a supplied riser and union. The second leg (the leg not occupied by a Wellntel sensor) is capped with a flood protection vent which can be removed temporarily for a tape down measurement. 

Taking Tape Down Measurements Using SmartVent

*A water well professional should be contracted to complete tape down work to minimize contamination or other risk.

Using a narrow/round tape, like the Solinst Model 102 shown here, remove the flood protection vent from the secondary leg and drop a sanitized tape into the well, taking care not to force it passed sensor and pump cables. The Wellntel sensor need not be installed to complete this work. Make certain to re-wrap the secondary leg threads with plumber's tape and replace the flood protection vent when the work is complete.

SmartVent Tape 1

A Solinst Model 102 tape, being inserted in to the secondary SmartVent leg.
Tape Down

Taking the tape down reading without removing Wellntel

What’s in the box?

  • A Wellntel SmartVent
  • Removable flood protection vent
  • 1/2 Union
  • 6" riser