Factory Upgrade to Latest Everything


What Does It Offer?

Get both Sensor Firmware V2 (SV2) and SP3 Sounder in one fast Factory Upgrade!

We'll send you a label. Send us your Sensor and we'll inspect it, upgrade its firmware to our powerful new SV2 package, refresh worn components and replace the sounder with the latest SP3 technology. 

Turnaround: 1 week from arrival at the factory.

You will be charged a total of $120; $101 for the upgrade and $19 for round-trip shipping.

What is SV2?

1.) SV2 sensor firmware offers two new modes of operation: Once Daily Recovery and Pump Influence.

  • Once Daily Recovery provides insights into pumping recovery performance in a well while also saving battery life.
  • Pump Influence is a new reading type that notes if the pump is running when a timed reading is taken (requires a Pump Performance Kit to work, included in all +Pump kits and new Basic kits shipped as of 2/6/2018, and FREE with this upgrade.)

Contact techsupport@wellntel.com for installation support or for assistance setting modes.

2.) SV2 substantially improves the ability of an out-of-the-box sensor to find and track groundwater levels with little or no calibration in a wide range of physical and acoustic well conditions, and when situations in the field change. Therefore, it simplifies start-up, improves dataset consistency, minimizes false alerts, and reduces future sensor attention. You get great results faster, they last longer, and are more useful in networks.

Learn more about SV2 Firmware.

What's an SP3 Sounder?

Wellntel SP3Sounder Probe 3 (SP3), a technical advancement that improves operation and performance even in wells with limited ventilation and where seasonal temperatures and dew points can affect sensor signal strength. It is a significant preventive addition to any Wellntel system.

Wellntel is engineered for rugged conditions, including intense sun, hot and cold temperatures, and, of course, water. Components are selected for long life and stable operation despite a wide range of conditions. Our plastic is UV-stable. Our electronics are encapsulated. Everything needing to be outside is waterproof. That said, an odd assortment of variables sometimes come together to frustrate some sensor operations. A main focus of our engineering team this year has been on solving this complex problem and SP3 does it. By sealing the sounder and replacing solid surfaces with slick, flexible ones, while not inhibiting pressure and sound, SP3 sounders will operate much more consistently during periods of extreme dew formation. We expect that 80-90% of dew interruptions will be prevented by using the SP3 sounder.