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  • Community Groundwater Monitoring Network in a Box (prepaid)

Community Groundwater Monitoring Network in a Box (prepaid)

Wellntel's Community Groundwater Network in a Box is a citizen-science breakthrough and enabler of true public/private partnerships to improve rural life and resource resilience.

What Does It Offer?

Five systems, well-placed, create a new standard for local groundwater understanding and agreements.

A Community Groundwater Monitoring Network in a Box is a way for a community to come together to learn and grow. A Sponsor (a township, business, village, not-for-profit, or group of neighbors) pulls together the funds to purchase the sensors and data servicers, and recruits Members who agree to host this systems and create the network. The network gathers information about groundwater that has not been available until now, and can be used to ensure community resilience.

Placed strategically in a county, watershed, around high-capacity pumping wells, or near a surface water body, a Community Groundwater Network is an opportunity to assess and/or monitor local risk, view groundwater pumping impacts on local lands and people, see seasonal variations/impacts on the resource.

Sensors can be programmed to deliver near-realtime data at a time-interval as long as once a week, or as frequent as once an hour (or faster, depending on application). Programmable alerts will call for action when it is warranted. Telemetry is included: data is sent using existing internet infrastructure (very small data requirements), with no fees for bandwidth or airtime. Cellular telemetry is available for remote locations. Calibration is one-time and lasts as long as the system is well-maintained. 

What’s in the box?

  • Five Wellntel Static Kits, including sensors, batteries, gateways, and all parts, pieces and instructions to install and commission and run the network for three years.
  • Five Member accounts, including access to well hydrographs, area data, system water level and operational alerts, and ability to add and remove Member User accounts
  • One Sponsor Master Account, including regional view, well level and area data, local alerts, and the ability to add and remove Sponsor User accounts
  • End to end security and privacy. Device-level encryption and Sponsor/Member privacy control.
  • Sponsor Program Support, including boilerplate agreements, location planning, well-suitability tools, installation guidance and on-call technical support.
  • Software tools to support local diagnostics, D2W snapshots, and more.
  • Three years of Sponsor Data Services, including monthly data scrubbing, preparation and coding for external models, databases or reports.

This kit includes prepayment of these services for 36 months. When you prepay, the 36 month term begins with the commissioning of sensors. You can also choose monthly billing for data services here. 


What's not included?

If you will be installing these system on well seals or caps that have access ports (1/2" NPT threaded), you will not need anything else. But if you are replacing existing turtle caps, consider adding replacement Wellntel Turtle Caps to your order (or be prepared to create appropriate ports in exising well caps or seals). 

Iron Turtle Cap
A Wellntel compatible replacement iron turtle cap by Baker Mfg*.

For a 6" diameter iron well casing. Call for other dimensions.
“PVC Turtle Cap”
A Wellntel compatible replacement PVC turtle cap by Baker Mfg*. 
For a 6" diameter PVC well casing.

(*When you click on Add-to-cart, one cap will be added to your cart. Make sure to adjust to your order total to include the number of caps that you will need. )