Data Services and Pricing

Data Services Sample Output

Wellntel Data Services for SPONSORS Extend Budgets and Reach

The benefits of becoming a Wellntel SPONSOR – and of Wellntel’s Data Services –  accrue immediately. The Wellntel team works in partnership with SPONSORS to plan and train for the deployment of the network and also supports with the basics of volunteer MEMBER recruitment including legal templates, well specifications for ideal candidates, and best practices developed by current Wellntel sponsors.

Once a SPONSOR Agreement is signed with Wellntel, a special Wellntel SPONSOR Account is created. Each SPONSOR Account comes with unlimited additional “user” accounts so all your team members are in the know. Each Wellntel system has a 3-year data services subscription that ties MEMBER system to the SPONSOR Account.

Included in the data services subscription are data aggregation and formatting to make the information useful in a model or a database, support customization of data outputs, unlimited data storage and backups, software and firmware updates, as well as the ongoing and continual fleet status monitoring provided behind-the-scenes by the Wellntel technical team.  

Benefits include:

  • Well suitability and site planning assistance
  • Software tools and support for remote commissioning and calibration
  • Application and program best practices
  • Unlimited data storage, back-ups and VM redundancy (mirrored DBs geographically dispersed)
  • Unlimited users associated with member and SPONSOR accounts
  • Quality control on aggregated data for models and feeds
  • Boilerplate agreements
  • Discounts on orders of 5 units or more

Depending on the goals and budget for the program, pricing for each system type and payment option are below:

Advance: All hardware and the 3-year data servicers subscription (plus replacement batteries for Static Kit only) are paid in one transaction, upfront. No monthly or annual charges during subscription period unless Sponsors decides to opt-in to future enhancements $992 $1,222
Annual: Hardware and the data subscription (plus batteries for the Static Kit, if applicable) are paid for in 3 annual installments, beginning with the shipment of the system(s). Sponsor will receive an annual invoice from Wellntel, net 30. 3 annual payments of $380 3 annual payments of $462

A sponsor will also receive special Wellntel Store credentials to unlock discounts on orders of at least 5 systems at a time.

* This pricing is for Wellentel’s standard radio-based telemetry system, before quantity discounts. Remote cellular-based monitoring packages are also available - contact Wellntel for more details.

Once the 3-year subscription period has ended, the SPONSOR has 3 options:

  • Upgrade: The SPONSOR would commit to another 3-year subscription period with the payment option of their choice. Under this plan, existing hardware would be replaced with the latest generation and data collection would continue for the same well or started at a different well. Each Upgrade will receive discounted pricing on the hardware.
  • Maintain: The SPONSOR would use existing hardware to continue monitoring at the same well. Annual data subscription fees will apply.
  • Conclude: With the ending of the Wellntel monitoring of the well, SPONSOR will receive a comprehensive file of all data collected during the monitoring period.

Further enhancements of Wellntel’s subscription capabilities are planned. These include bringing, with well owner’s permission, non-sponsored-well data and other out-of-network feeds into the SPONSOR's dashboard. Stay tuned!