Grace DataGroundwater isn't static anymore*

Factual understanding of groundwater resources is becoming increasingly important for community leaders. But tight budgets, reduced staffing, and limited opportunities for test wells make it challenging to collect critical data and increase understanding. At Wellntel, our goal is to put groundwater-level information into the hands of people who need it: landowners, farmers, businesses, and community leaders. Whether you represent a rural water system, a township, village, county or state survey, there is great value in creating a network of existing public and private wells to collect time-series data.

Networks can be created by outfitting existing monitoring wells with Wellntel systems, by engaging volunteers to provide monitoring locations via domestic or small farm wells, on abandoned wells, or a mix of any or all.

As the SPONSOR of a network of Wellntel systems, you will be supporting and directing the MEMBERS of the network, who are voluntarily hosting these systems on their wells. A network of Wellntel systems takes advantage of the latest in communications and cloud computing technologies.

As collected data flow to your SPONSOR account, the Wellntel web-based dashboard is an intuitive interface that enables you to visualize the time-series data for all MEMBERS’ wells.

Wellntel systems deployed on a network of public and private wells can provide continuous water-level measurements at a fraction of the cost of conventional technologies and methods. Important science and community outcomes that can be gained from sponsoring such a monitoring network include:

  • develop an understanding of the magnitude of your groundwater resource and its limits of availability
  • develop an understanding of the spatial and temporal dynamics of your groundwater resource
  • encourage the involvement of well owners and other stakeholders (neighbors, constituents, businesses, scientists, and community leaders) in the considerations and decisions affecting their local water resource
  • provide baseline information for resource management decisions
  • provide data and information useful for comprehensive plans or regulatory processes
  • identify and proactively manage risks to a community’s groundwater supply
  • collect groundwater resource data to support local and regional hydrological studies.

In a typical SPONSOR-managed network, Wellntel systems are purchased by the SPONSOR and deployed at MEMBERS’ wells with Data Services provided by Wellntel for a defined period (initially a 3-year commitment). Get started today, with a 5-sensor Community Groundwater Network in a Box.

Can I buy a Wellntel system and not be part of a Wellntel Sponsored Network?
Click here to learn about Self-Managed Systems.

Let Wellntel work with you to create a network of private and public wells to collect time-series data for visualizing and managing your groundwater resource. Sponsoring a network of Wellntel systems deployed on volunteer (member) wells will deliver high-density data via the web at a cost substantially less than previous technology and approaches.

Attend a Webinar to learn more about Sponsoring a Groundwater Network, or contact Wellntel's VP-Business Development, Chuck Dunning, PhD, for a direct consultation.