Owner Rebates

Wellntel Rebates LogoOwners of Wellntel systems in a self-managed network own and control all access to the data collected by their systems.

While some owners will elect to keep their information private, many owners will want to take advantage of the opportunity to offer groundwater information from their well to a sponsor or sponsors, who, through data services agreements with Wellntel, pay for access to the data and help offset the upfront and operating costs of the equipment.

For example, a well-owner who purchases a Wellntel system can earn $27 per quarter for each quarter that the data from their system are shared with a sponsor with an interest in the data. Uses for the shared data are determined by mutual agreements between the sponsor and owner, but generally, payment allows the sponsor full access to analyze and report on the data for the term of the agreement. The minimum term of a rebate agreement differs based on sponsor and network goals, but typically starts at 3 years and may be longer. Data may be combined with other information (like information from other wells and sources) to create local models or reports regarding the groundwater condition, for local decision support and dispute resolution.

Through sponsor rebates, a Wellntel owner can expect that their system may eventually pay for itself, or, at a minimum, cost just pennies a day to operate.

How do rebates affect pricing?

Using a Home Static system powered by an optional AC power as an example, sponsor rebating will significantly reduce the cost to the owner to purchase and power a Wellntel system, making it almost (but not quite) free.

Moreover, compared with a tape-down measurement that can cost as much as $200 per visit, or single pressure transducer (before it gathers a single reading), a Sponsor can expect 5 years of rich, accurate, useful data delivered automatically. 

Rebate Economics

Wellntel Owners receiving rebates enjoy the benefits of all Wellntel system features, including alerts, unlimited user accounts, security, and unparalleled operational information about their well, like groundwater supply trends, pumping duty, drawdown, recovery rate, and system status.

Sponsors participating in a rebate program access the network via a dashboard and may request additional data analysis or preparation services from Wellntel.

Owners are responsible for operation and maintenance of their system(s) and for maintaining ample power and internet services for Wellntel operation. Owners can opt-out of a data sharing program at the end of an agreement term.

Owners who elect to not participate in a data sharing program will not receive a rebate, and their data will never be shared with a sponsor.

Data sharing rebates are only available in regions where there are both owners of self-managed systems and interested sponsors. A network must have a minimum of 5 self-managed systems before a rebating program can begin. An owner can have more than one self-managed system in a program.