Wellntel Member

Groundwater Networks Depend on Members

MEMBERS receive many benefits from hosting a Wellntel system on their well as part of your sponsored network. Benefits include a Wellntel account for their well that provides a web-based dashboard presenting their collected time-series data, as well as the ability to:

  • assess their well’s productivity and efficiency through static and pumping water levels
  • set and receive alerts for the frequency of pumping or the water level nearing their pump, before the situation becomes an emergency
  • observe the effect of nearby pumping on their well
  • observe daily and seasonal trends affecting their well and the local groundwater resource
  • keep tabs on their groundwater levels relative to historical levels and trends of levels in the area and region
  • become experts on the local trends in groundwater resources and potential stressors and threats.

Member enjoy subsidized equipment, installation support*, and access to valuable operational data, in return for granting unencumbered access to data for their SPONSOR.

Email us to find out if there is a SPONSOR in your area.

*Depending on sponsor program design.

Can I buy a Wellntel system and not be part of a Wellntel Sponsored Network?
Click here to learn about Self-Managed Systems.