About SensorLink

SensorLink 2.0.X replaces SensorBuddy V1.0x, which has been discontinued (as of 12-2016) and is no longer supported. Users with SensorBuddy should uninstall SensorBuddy and replace it with SensorLink.

SensorLink 2.0

SensorLink is a PC application intended for use with Wellntel Sensors to enable remote start-up, collection of readings, upload of collected readings to the Wellntel Cloud, local reading collection and well diagnostics.

SensorLink is useful as an alternative to a Wellntel Gateway, when Internet connectivity is not available but a Wellntel Sensor is being used to gather Groundwater level information from a well or a test well. In this application, a Wellntel owner or sponsor can install a sensor in a remote location, take a few test readings, leave it, return on a schedule to gather data, and upload the data for reporting, archiving and analysis to the Wellntel Cloud. The data will present as if they had been sent via radio telemetry, correctly time stamped, calibrated (after initial calibration period) and affirmed. However, they will only appear online as often as the data are retrieved and uploaded.

What can SensorLink 2.0x do?

  • Download readings from multiple Wellntel sensors not served by Wellntel Gateway.

  • Upload and confirm downloaded readings to the Wellntel Cloud.

  • Collect and present information gathered locally including:

    • Reading date/time (UTC)

    • Depth to water nominees

    • Signal characteristics

    • Temperature

    • Voltage

    • Radio signal strength

  • Collect and view a diagnostics information

You must be a registered Wellntel owner or dealer to download and use SenserLink. Login to your my.wellntel.com account for links.