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  • Does Wellntel measure how much water I pump?

Does Wellntel measure how much water I pump?

No. Wellntel is not a flow meter. It's much smarter.

Flow meters - devices that measure how many gallons are pumped or used -  abound. Every home connected to city water has one. It's how we're billed for the water we use from the utility.

In rural or groundwater-sourced places, there often hasn't been a need for flow metering, since the water used is a transaction between the user and the land they own. The only billing that occurs is for the electricity used to power the pump.

But we're learning more about the links between weather, development, surface and underground water sources. Groundwater isn't static. The water under your land may have been under your neighbor's land last week. Groundwater sources can renew, given time to do so and a plan to let it happen. But in many parts of the country, sources are not renewing quickly enough.

In response, states are beginning to write new rules, sometimes mandating flow meters to measure gallons extracted from the aquifer, especially in situations when consumption is high, as in irrigation or mining. However, measuring the amount of water consumed without understanding the amount of water available is like exercising to burn calories without also thinking about your diet.

Flow meters measure gallons without telling anyone if the amount matters. They can't signal overdrawing or sustainability. They can't tell us about the health of aquifer or the water table.

The information from flow meters isn't generally used by the person consuming the water, but by the overseer. In the context of land value, flow meters gather irrelevant, or at least incomplete data.

Wellntel is designed to put power in the hands of the people who depend on groundwater to protect it. With Wellntel, a well owner knows about the water in and around their land and how their own water use impacts the groundwater system. They can see how weather and development matters to groundwater, so they can make their own decisions about using more or less.

Finally, with Wellntel, a person can choose to share information about the water resource with others. But that is up to them.