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Why Wellntel?

Building and sharing actionable information about groundwater has traditionally been location-limited, complex, and very expensive. Whether for seasonal analysis to drive allocations or permits, specific risk or overuse investigation, or larger, longitudinal studies, experts have had to invest in expensive and complex equipment, training and ongoing maintenance. Analysis and results were rarely shared outside of the professional team.

With Wellntel, you can:

Continuously monitor where the stress is:

Since conventional technologies must touch water, continuous monitoring rarely happens in the places where groundwater stress is felt first and most acutely - on private land. Communities and landowners are blind to pumping impacts and seasonal recovery. Wellntel’s next-generation acoustic technology enables continuous timed, and optionally, pumping, water level measurement without touching water on private domestic and submersible-pump agriculture wells.

Engage the community:

Wellntel makes groundwater visible to both water managers and private well owners, broadening resource understanding and facilitating trust and management decisions. With Wellntel installed on their wells, homeowners and farmers receive an online account to view their own well’s operation, understand pumping impact, and gain appreciation for shared resource.

Streamline data collection and aggregation:

Wellntel’s groundwater information system is comprised of a state-of-the-science acoustic sensor, a radio-connected wired-ethernet gateway and a cloud engine to aggregate, pedigree and synthesize data. Sensors deployed on private wells leverage private internet connections to seamlessly stream data to the cloud. A cellular option is also available for remote locations. RESTful API can be optionally used to stream data to websites or to external databases.

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