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Wellntel Technology

Wellntel Technology

Wellntel combines patented, next-generation acoustic measurement technology, remote telemetry, and a cloud platform, to collect accurate and reliable groundwater-level measurements from a wide range of production and monitoring wells. This information can be shared online quickly and cost-effectively. Here are just a few of the ways we stand out:

Monitoring virtually any well:

Wellntel doesn’t touch water, allowing almost any private (domestic, irrigation, community) submersible-pump well to be monitored. Sensors use existing well seal access ports or well caps can be easily modified to bring new monitoring points online in less than an hour.

Dense, actionable datasets:

Wellntel systems default to measure static water level every four hours and can be programmed to measure more or less often. If a well pump is running at the time of measurement, the reading is meta-tagged for pump-influence and can be excluded or included in future analysis.

Rarely recalibrated:

Recalibration will only be needed if there is a substantial change in environmental factors, such as a physical change to the well. Unlike other methods, Wellntel systems experience no instrument “drift.” Data is processed and made model- or report-ready from the onset, without time-consuming and error-prone assembly or import/export systems.

Secure data storage and access:

Our groundwater information system is designed for end-to-end security and privacy with device-level encryption. Water managers and well owners control the privacy and sharing settings.

Trustworthy information:

Our water-level reading precision is 0.1 feet or better within the operational depth range of 10-1,000 feet. Data is stored in the cloud, making accuracy something you no longer have to worry about. More information on accuracy can be found here.

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