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Wellntel Benefits


Realtime Groundwater Information

With Wellntel, citizens, communities and businesses can Manage Groundwater:

  • dramatically expand coverage and simplify measurement,
  • increase quality, quantity and uses of data,
  • leverage and lower costs and expenses
  • Take smart action.

Building and sharing actionable information about groundwater doesn’t have to be difficult or expensive. Wellntel’s next-generation measurement technology and cloud platform make it simple and affordable:

Streamline data collection.

Sensors deployed on private domestic and ag wells use private internet connections to seamlessly stream data to the cloud. Cellular use for remote locations and data streaming are also available options. Accurate, rich datasets are accessed via secure, online accounts and are ready for viewing, analysis and report creation.

Engage the community:

Wellntel’s cloud platform makes groundwater visible in networks for water managers and at the well level for private well owners, broadening resource understanding and facilitating trust and management decisions.

Continuously monitor:

Wellntel’s next-generation acoustic technology enables continuous timed water-level measurement without touching water, making it easier to analyze pumping impacts and seasonal recovery – even on private land where stress is most accurate and felt often felt first.

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