Request a demo system

Wellntel Demo Unit

Wellntel provides (almost) free demonstration systems to:

  1. Scientists considering Wellntel for groundwater monitoring projects, or
  2. Well service professionals exploring a Wellntel dealership.

Demo systems are fully functional Wellntel systems that include a Sensor, Gateway, adapters for your well head, and your own private, secure Wellntel information dashboard.

This is a limited term demo. The system will work for 60 days from the time it is registered. We even pick up shipping there and back in the 48 continental United States. 

The only catch: you pay for 1/2 of the battery that will be used in your test, since it isn't rechargeable and can't be re-used at the end of the program (it is designed for extreme cold and hot weather.) At 50% discount off of our normal price,  your only out-of-pocket cost for this program will be $30. 

We have a limited number of demo systems available, and requests are handled first come, first serve. Use the form at the right to request yours.