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  • Your Wellntel Dashboard looks different today (9/1/2015)

Your Wellntel Dashboard looks different today (9/1/2015)

We’ve made many improvements to your my.wellntel.com dashboard to make navigation and groundwater and system information easier to get to, posted today, 9/1/2015.

They include:

  • Improved zoom support on your groundwater chart
  • Improved time/date labels
  • A new “map” view for single wells, positioned, logically, near your area data chart
  • A new voltage chart to keep tabs on your Sensor Battery
  • A new telemetry log to assist in start up and troubleshooting – it tells you whether your sensor and gateway are connected and transmitting
  • Recovery and pump duty charts repositioned.

You can click on the image below to see a sample. Or login to your my.wellntel.com account.

Your new Wellntel Dashboard