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Why Start-Up in Milwaukee?

Wellntel founders Marian Singer and Nick Hayes spent an afternoon with American Public Media’s Marketplace Sustainability reporter Sarah Gardner to talk about why Wellntel – a technology company focused on groundwater – is in Milwaukee. Sarah’s story explores the potential of a water-focused cluster in the area: anchored by the University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee’s School of Freshwater Sciences and The Water Council‘s Global Water Center (where Wellntel is headquartered.)

Admittedly,  it may seem an undue burden to create a business designed to help people plan and adapt for drought or flooding in a state that is rich with groundwater and natural lakes, rivers and wetlands. That said, Wisconsin boasts fine state Universities built by pre-eminent scientists committed to teaching friends and neighbors of the value of nature’s gifts.  And we’re learning that beyond Wisconsin, there are friends and neighbors who depend on groundwater and who understand that with a little care, that groundwater anchors strong, prosperous communities.

Listen to the entire story here: