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  • Wellntel Sponsors – Changing the way we see Groundwater

Wellntel Sponsors – Changing the way we see Groundwater

Coinciding with Groundwater Week 2016, Wellntel Announces “Sponsors” — a program designed to make groundwater facts available everywhere.

Wellntel’s new “Sponsor” program makes large-scale, stakeholder-engaging groundwater monitoring a reality. Sponsoring of Wellntel systems is happening in 25 states already. Today’s announcement formalizes the program and augments the underlying tools and resources that make it possible.

Wellntel Sponsors

Who are Wellntel Sponsors?

People and organizations who see the need to know more about local groundwater water conditions and who work closely with citizens and neighbors to gather and learn from facts and then act to ensure the long term health of their resource.

What do Wellntel Sponsors do?

All over the US, local townships, villages, counties, HOAs, water districts, scientific agencies, land trusts and conservancies are financially supporting dense Wellntel networks that gather and share groundwater level information on a scale not seen before.

Financial support from Sponsors often comes in the form of gifting, rebates or subsidies to deploy and run Wellntel equipment, in return for unencumbered access to the information collected.

Often, an existing budget for limited groundwater data collection can be leveraged into a large scale program.

Sponsors seek local volunteers who provide a monitoring location (in the form of a domestic, irrigation or decommissioned water well) and a voice for the information as it is collected.

Agreements are made to share and discuss what is learned from the data collected both over time and across the region.

Sponsors often recruit volunteer or student-based teams to help with network deployments and data collection when locations are very remote. Local colleges participate by providing student recruits to internships that sometimes lead to staff positions.

How does Wellntel participate?

Wellntel works closely with Sponsors to design programs that will work in their locations, providing, among other things:

  • Boilerplate agreements for recruits and volunteers
  • Application support to pick best monitoring locations
  • Technical support to simplify and speed deployments
  • Data use and analytics support as required

What’s new as of today?

Today, Wellntel is announcing all new web-based capabilities for Sponsors, who now have their own access to geographically-organized Wellntel data via the my.wellntel.com dashboard for the systems they sponsor, along with a wide range of new features:

  • User management: sponsors may have many users. Administrators can create, edit and manage them.
  • Group creation: wells are often organized in categories, like Deep or Shallow. Sponsors can create their own Groups and organize fleets intelligently.
  • Fleet automation: data from sponsored sites are automatically organized on both sponsor and volunteer dashboards in intuitive and useful ways.
  • Stakeholder value-adds: volunteers can see simple data, or can choose comprehensive alerting functions to manage wells and pumping, if preferred.
  • Data exchange: depending on the terms of a local sponsor agreement, a sponsor may invest in custom APIs to link their Wellntel network with other environmental websites and models.
Wellntel Sponsor Screenshot

What hasn’t changed? 

The Wellntel system is:

  • Accurate, reliable and simple to install
  • Flexible: can be used on domestic, small farm, and monitoring wells
  • Communicative: sensors can transmit via Gateway, cellular or can store local data when sites are very remote
  • Remotely manageable: set alerts, time interval, and more from anywhere
  • Available: mobile and web-based interface
  • Secure: end-to-end encrypted, password protect.

It’s the Wellntel Groundwater Information System that you trust but with brand new capabilities to help expand and leverage your groundwater monitoring challenges, and, for the first time, with community and stakeholder engagement.

Call 844-935-5426 or email info@wellntel.com for more information.