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  • Wellntel: like moving from black-and-white to HDTV

Wellntel: like moving from black-and-white to HDTV

Wellntel in California Magazine

U-C Berkeley researchers, tapping Wellntel aggregated data for groundwater models, are experiencing the power of rich data – what some call “ground-truth” – in assessing the condition and future of the resource. Here’s an except from a recent article about Wellntel’s collaboration with UCB scientists in California Magazine.


“The current problem, the [U-C Berkeley] researchers say, is that while satellite data can show how much groundwater there is on a regional level—in the Central Valley, for instance—it can’t capture how much there is under a city, or at the farm level. There just isn’t enough data from U.S. wells to get a deep understanding of how groundwater flows. The predominant techniques used to measure well water levels—measuring tapes or pressure sensors—are labor-intensive and costly.

But by integrating the Wellntel data into their current model, the Cal researchers believe they can provide a deeper understanding of how much groundwater we have now, and how much we’ll have in the future as climate change takes its toll.

‘It’s like moving from a black-and-white to an HD television'”

Read more herehttp://alumni.berkeley.edu/california-magazine/just-in/2014-08-15/drought-dowsing-goes-high-tech-sonar-devices-measure-water