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  • Wellntel Bringing Talent and Technology to California’s Growing Groundwater Networks

Wellntel Bringing Talent and Technology to California’s Growing Groundwater Networks

Lee Knudtson, with years of experience helping customers utilize Wellntel Technology and Groundwater Data, will anchor Wellntel’s work in the state of California.

With the 2014 passage of the historic Sustainable Groundwater Management Act (SGMA), California has set an ambitious goal to bring the state’s critically important groundwater basins into a sustainable regime of pumping and recharge. Because groundwater is best managed at the local and regional level, new Groundwater Sustainability Agencies (GSA), Irrigation Districts (ID) and their hydrogeologist partners are charged with the creation and implementation of the needed plans to bring their basins into equilibrium.

Wellntel’s groundwater-level networks are the perfect solution for GSAs building new and growing existing starting monitoring programs. In addition to being easy, fast, convenient and cost-effective, Wellntel technology provides rich, accurate and dense data. These data will be key to supporting Groundwater Sustainability Plans (GSPs) and local decisions, while, at the same time, engaging the community and connecting its stakeholders, a key requirement of the legislation. Planning a network for the first time involves working with consultants, GSA leaders, and the community, something Wellntel has done in the creation of networks in 20 states. To support GSAs in the design and implementation of their GSPs, Wellntel is making new investments in California.

After three years as Wellntel’s Technical Support Lead and a short summer sabbatical to travel and explore, Lee Knudtson has re-joined Wellntel’s sales team as California’s Network Development Representative. He brings to this position a deep understanding of the power of Wellntel technology and groundwater monitoring networks, along with strong customer relations and extensive field experience. He will be introducing Wellntel to local agencies and their partners, sharing national network deployment experience, and helping communities to quickly start monitoring, engage stakeholders, track progress, and make resource management decisions. Lee will bring a team of scientists, engineers and groundwater and data specialists to every project. For an introductory meeting, contact Lee at  ljknudtson@wellntel.com.

Welcome back Lee!

Lee Knudtson