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  • Wellntel announces rebates: powering networks and lowering cost

Wellntel announces rebates: powering networks and lowering cost

Wellntel Owner RebatesAt the National Groundwater Association’s 2017 Summit, Wellntel is announcing its newest, and perhaps most disruptive innovation.

Having set new benchmarks for accuracy, simplicity, cost, scale and stakeholder engagement in groundwater monitoring since 2014, Wellntel has unveiled its newest change-making solution.

Wellntel’s new Rebate Program dramatically lowers cost of ownership while also vastly increasing the amount of useful information about groundwater in an area.

This new and novel rebate program addresses a sponsor’s need for regional information to make smart resource decisions and a well-owner’s need to know what’s going on in their well simply and efficiently, while still ensuring privacy, security, and a dataset of unparalleled accuracy, scale and depth.

The rebate program offers buyers of self-managed systems an opportunity to realize a return on their investment that may, eventually, offset the costs to acquire and run their systems. For sponsors, a community groundwater network made from self-managed systems can come online quickly, and without tapping tight capital budgets, while providing vital information for groundwater, development, and sustainability planning that has, until now, been missing.

How does it work?

It can start one of two ways:

  1. An owner or owners invest in their own Wellntel systems, rally neighbors, build a Community Groundwater Network, and then offer information from it to area agencies, like schools, county, village or township leaders, and their natural resource consultants, who pay for data services and owners rebates, but not the equipment.
  2. A sponsor can assemble neighbors, propose a data sharing agreement and rebate term, and citizens join the network by investing in a Wellntel system and joining the local program to collect rebates to offset the cost of ownership.

Wellntel’s role is to help plan a useful network that meets local goals, assist with boilerplate rebate agreements, offer systems  recommendations and help finding suitable sites, ensure privacy and security, and will issue rebate checks to participating owners quarterly.

Wellntel owners are invited to find our more about rebates, and if one is available in their area at this website.

Sponsors are invited to contact Wellntel’s VP-Business Development, Chuck Dunning, PhD, for a direct consultation about creating a rebate program in their area.