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  • V2 Sensors: like shiny, smart jewels

V2 Sensors: like shiny, smart jewels

Wellntel Sensor Probe V2

Earlier this week, Wellntel began shipping a newly-engineered Sensor design so gorgeous that one might confuse the probe for a high-end piece of jewelry. Not to be mistaken for a set of earrings or a broach, however, the Wellntel V2 sensor includes three major updates:

  1. Improved signal quality, speeding calibration and tighter out-of-the-box sensor accuracy
  2. Higher grade stainless to last longer in harsh environments
  3. A precision-cut and polished hydro-phobic architecture to improve probe reliability in periods of extreme temperature change or high humidity

All new Wellntel kits will be built with the V2 design, and all customers and dealers with V1 stock can expect upgrades. And upgrading is easy. Unplug the old one, and plug in the new, shiner version. If you have questions about this, or any other technical feature or capability, feel free to email techsupport@wellntel.com or call us at 844-WELLH20 (844-935-5426).