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Pike County Conservation District tracking #groundwater, sharing data

Photo Credit: The River Reporter by Sandy Long ‘The longer the record you have, the more powerful the data becomes,’ said Lisa Senior of the U.S. Geological Survey (USGS), Pennsylvania Water Science Center in Exton. Senior was updating members of the Pike County Conservation District (PCCD) board of directors on the Pike County Groundwater Level… Read more »

Groundwater as seen from space

Researchers have been keeping tabs on the seasonal ups-and-downs in groundwater stores all over the world, and tracking longer-term trends like the depletion of the Ogalalla aquifer under the southwestern U.S.

Dried Up Wells Leave Dozens Thirsty

Residents in Wilkes County Georgia have been spending the last week without running water. More than a dozen of people, including babies have to travel outside their city to get fresh water. Residential wells are no longer producing due to drought. via Dried Up Wells Leave Dozens Thirsty

Groundwater scarcity hurting homeowners

When the water table declines, it may not be as simple as digging a deeper well. Groundwater scarcity eventually leads logically to lower property values. Here is a good example of that happening in San Luis Obispo, California. Key quote: Those of us living in the rural areas over the Paso Robles Groundwater Basin depend… Read more »

Report urges building of national #groundwater monitoring network

Critical Needs for the Twenty-first Century: The Role of Geosciences was released this week by the American Geosciences Institute. Providing sufficient supplies of water is one of eight critical needs identified in the report. Within that need the report specifically recommends, “Monitoring of surface and subsurface water quantity and quality with a focus on enhancing… Read more »

Satellite images show that U.S. #groundwater is stressed

[youtube] Measurements of ground water—rather than water on the surface—reveal the long-term effects of drought. These maps show ground water conditions in the U.S. compared to the long-term average from August 2002 to August 2012. (Map by Chris Poulsen, National Drought Mitigation Center, based on data from the GRACE science team.) via Measuring Ground… Read more »