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  • Seeing something odd in your Wellntel groundwater data?

Seeing something odd in your Wellntel groundwater data?

Wellntel owners play a key role in helping Wellntel’s technology to get smarter and more accurate.

If, for example, you see a reading in your groundwater level chart that just doesn’t seem right — it looks to be outside of a trend or indicates a measurement that seems illogical (as with the measurement highlighted below) — simply click on the event, to flag it as “incorrect”.

Wellntel flag odd reading

You’ll be asked to confirm your flag.

Wellntel Confirm your Flag

Flagging initiates a sequence of events where a Wellntel technician receives a request to review the event in question, and, depending on data contained in the log, will apply adjustments to the algorithm to correct the anomaly (see Wellntel’s administrative request below). These adjustments are both backwards and forwards looking, so future possible errors are minimized, and errors that may have happened in the past are corrected*.

Wellntel Admin Request

In this way, citizen science is helping both the citizen and the science!


* Depending on volume of requests, it may take a day or two for a Wellntel technician to mark the question resolved.