Dry Cavern in a Fractured Rock Well

Dry Cavern

Where there are dry caverns or harsh fractured rock, it is best to mount Wellntel on an access port fitted to a sounding tube. In this case, the sounding tube contains the signal and enables successful readings. Wellntel recommends a sounding tube be installed by a qualified well servicer as a matter of practice in regions where the geology demands. We’re happy refer a professional in your area if we can. Feel free to inquire by email at techsupport@wellntel.com.

Constrained Space at the Wellhead

Constrained Space

When you don’t have room over the well cap (because it’s under your deck or front porch), Wellntel offers an optional long lead kit that allows the lower and upper units to be mounted separately: the lower can goes inside the well (or on the cap or seal if there is room) and the upper section – what we call the “brain-can” is mounted on a bracket to a pole or a wall that you supply. Contact the factory for details on this option, or, when ordering online, add the Wellntel Sensor Wall/Pole Mount and Custom Harness to your shopping cart before you check out.

Falling or Cascading Water

Falling Water

Actively cascading water in a well is generally viewed as an unhealthy condition and should be corrected by a Well Service professional by adding a sleeve to stop the flow. However, where cascading is present, it will help to mount Wellntel on an access port fitted to a sounding tube.

We’re happy refer a professional in your area if we can. Feel free to inquire by email at techsupport@wellntel.com.

Long Distance Telemetry

Distance or Obstruction

When the distance between radios exceeds 2200 feet, or where there are large obstructions like hills and trees, Wellntel suggests adding optional mounting kits — wire and brackets — to move the antennae up on both the Sensor and Gateway ends. Line of sight is always better. Lift both ends!

Battery life can be improved with a stronger signal, since the Sensor will re-try less often.

For very remote places, or places without Internet services, Wellntel offers systems that communicate using Cellular Networks. This kit measures Static levels and this one measure Static Levels and Pump Duty.

A Spool-type Pitless Adapter

Spool Type Pitless Adapter

Wellntel will provide an optional long-lead sensor harness for installation into a partial sounding tube, that contains the signal and enables successful readings through spool-type pitless adapters. Wellntel recommends a partial sounding tube be installed by a qualified well servicer as a matter of practice where these adapters are prevalent.

For help with either the custom harness, or to find a professional to assist with installation, email us at techsupport@wellntel.com.

Internet outages caused temporary NTP timestamp errors

Outages on the Time Warner network between 11/30/2015 and 12/1/2015 may have caused some computers –  including many Wellntel sensors – to temporarily receive incorrect time settings from Internet NTP servers. Root cause is unknown.

Background: Every 24 hours, a Wellntel System asks for a time update. It does this with a common NTP request – made to a pool of servers that offer time setting services. (It is the same process used by your computer to set its internal clock.) During the disrupted period, some servers in the NTP pool responded with time that was rolled back one day.

The Wellntel cloud (my.wellntel.com) was unaffected, and plays no roll in getting or setting time. But readings from Sensors will be tagged with a date that is one day behind.

You may see evidence of the issue in a groundwater chart that shows twice as many readings for the period in question (see sample below.)

Time Server Error

The situation is temporary and self-healing. As of 12/2, affected servers are reported to have been corrected or removed from the NTP pool. In the case of the latter, Wellntel will ask the next server in line on the list and will eventually shed the bad time and get correct time. We expect the issue to resolve gracefully by later today (12/2.) You may notice odd readings for a twenty-four hour period. We are monitoring the NTP pool for permanent corrective action.

You can check back here for more information as it becomes available.

12/3/2015 Update: Most affected sensors have returned to normal operation as of 12/3/2015 at 8am Central. If you are still seeing anomalous timestamps, please contact us.

As always, Wellntel technicians are available to answer questions during regular business hours 9am – 5pm Central. Feel free to call us at 844-935-5426 or email techsupport@wellntel.com.

Trophies piling up: here is the Golden Blender


Wellntel won the Golden Blender at the 2015 FoodIT competition. The competition pitted some of the best Foodtech start-ups against each other. After two rounds of 4-minute pitches in front of judges from Google, Monsanto and an assortment of experts from food-centered investment funds, Wellntel came out on top.

You can watch the winning round pitches at Vimeo.