Wellntel expands, opens Global Groundwater Center in Milwaukee

To accelerate and expand production, customer service, and new product development, Wellntel, Milwaukee’s hottest watertech start-up* has moved into a new facility on Milwaukee’s historic lower east side. The new space boasts a water lab, high-tech just-in-time production cells, a fabrication shop, fulfillment center, high-speed internet, natural sunlight, a store front, conference center, ample parking, and room to grow.

Wellntel is pleased to join a neighborhood of hard-working, fun-loving Milwaukeeans, surrounded by great restaurants, coffee shops, ethnic food stores, public transportation, bike paths, parks, music, and minutes from three world-class research, engineering and water-centric universities: UWM School of Freshwater Sciences, Marquette University and MSOE (Milwaukee School of Engineering).

*Wellntel is not really a start-up anymore: the business formed in 2013, launched commercially in 2015 and has customers in three countries and 21 states. In the last year, Wellntel has collected almost 3 million groundwater measurements for stakeholders so that they can make smarter resource and water use decisions. At this pace, Wellntel is providing more useful, local, realtime facts about groundwater – a hidden but vital resource – than all of government, academic and scientific agencies, combined.  

Here is where groundwater innovation happens:

Wellntel's Global Groundwater Center

Wellntel’s New Global Groundwater Center


Wellntel Gateways coming off the line

Wellntel Gateways coming off the line


Kanban and Just-In-Time all around

Kanban and Just-In-Time all around


Wellntel production lit by the sun

Wellntel production lit by the sun


Space for all the awards

Space for the smarties and all their awards


Light, light and more light.

Light, light and more light.


Helping everyone everywhere Know Their Groundwater Well. #MilwaukeeHome

Helping everyone everywhere Know Their Groundwater Well. #MilwaukeeHome


Wellntel’s new address is:

906 E Hamilton St
Milwaukee, WI 53202

See it here:

Comparing Wellntel to conventional technology for accuracy, performance, and cost

Groundwater professionals, stakeholders and the science-minded are keen to take advantage of the massive scientific, social and economic benefits of Wellntel, but understandably, they need to know how Wellntel compares in terms of accuracy, performance and cost, compared with technologies that they currently use to measure groundwater levels.

So in test sites all over the US, Wellntel is being compared to pressure transducers, piezometers and level loggers.

If you’re interested in setting up your own test, consider attending an upcoming Webinar to learn how.

One such test, started in June ’16 and ongoing, is demonstrating how Wellntel can outperform on many dimensions: reading accuracy and consistency, simpler set-up, and lower up-front and ongoing costs. Moreover, this is the second test in which Wellntel helped the testers find inconsistency on their existing set-up and methods with the conventional equipment. It turns out, a system that doesn’t touch water can outperform one that does.

Key takeaways, to-date:

  • The median daily variation between the Wellntel and the Geokon VWP sensors was approximately 1 inch at 90 feet (.09%) with a daily deviation in the Geokon data driving this variance to a range of 0 to 2 inches.
  • Wellntel showed negligible susceptibility to environmental factors and didn’t require external equipment and reference points. Lacking on-site references from additional instruments, the Geokon data deviated.
  • Even with much lower hardware and ongoing service costs, Wellntel provided greater consistency of readings and accuracy than the conventional technology.

Here is the preliminary data review:










Groundwater and water storage on one dashboard: Introducing TANK

Wellntel is pleased to present a major innovation for water management on homes, farms, and natural lands.

Wellntel TANK continuously and remotely monitors the level of water in a storage tank, a cistern (or with some special provisioning, a stilling well) and can be programmed to send email or text alerts for conditions like when the vessel is near full or near empty or a surface water source is high or low. Information is accessible via the Wellntel Dashboard using a computer browser or smart phone via a private login.

For Homeowners and Farmers with Tanks: With Wellntel TANK you can spot leaks, know when it is time to turn a pump on or off, conserve water when to makes sense. You can set alerts and receive a text message or email when a tank is full or empty.

When Wellntel Tank is combined with a Wellntel Groundwater Information System, like a Static or +Pump Level Sensor, you can you can track water underground and in storage, look for relationships between pumping time in a submersible well and tank capacity, and know if it is time to increase storage capacity.

For the Hydrologist or the science-minded, Wellntel TANK adapted for stilling well duty situated near to a Wellntel Science or Static or +Pump kit on a groundwater well can create a groundwater-to-surface study tool. Using these two sensors, it is possible to spot hydrologic relationships between pumping and stream or pond levels, for example. Since each site is different, please contact a member of our science team at info@wellntel.com.

My New Wellntel Tank

In this screen grab, you can see two watering events and a pumping event to refill the tank. The owner was alerted via text message when the level reached FULL and pumping was turned off.


Wellntel TANK is designed to be mounted on and above- or below-ground storage tank, as long as the roof or hatch are accessible and can be adapted to recieve the Wellntel system. It can be power by battery or an optional solar panel or AC power if available.

Data is intuitive and simple to understand. You tell Wellntel TANK how deep your tank is, and it will tell you when it is full or empty, or anywhere in between. You can set reading intervals and alert ranges and formats, choosing text, email and sharing.

Installing Wellntel TANK is easy. We provide all the parts and pieces to mount the sensor on a tank, including the sensor, a special tank tower/mount (to get it up and away from doors and hatches and lift the antenna), drill/cut patterns and complete instructions for installation.

Wellntel TANK on Bench

Orders received before the end of August, 2016 should ship within three days of receipt. Contact your local Wellntel dealer or get yours here.

If you’re unsure about what you need or need help picking the right system, call us at 844-WELLH20 (844-935-5426) or email info@wellntel.com.


29-Jul server updates complete, performance normal

July 31 2016 update:

Server performance has returned to normal after slow response times and database access during updates on Friday (29-Jul) and Saturday (30-Jul).

A few customer may receive an email or text alert saying that a sensor or gateway is down as stored messages dequeue. Customers can choose to temporarily disable this alert until the upgrade is complete by logging in and going to Manage System > Manage Wells > Alerts, or ignore received service alerts.

Follow www.twitter.com/wellntel for the most up to date information about this issue or other developments at Wellntel.

Contact techsupport@wellntel.com with questions or concerns.

Original Message:

Wellntel customer are reporting slowness since July 29, 2016 at my.wellntel.com.

Our technical team is closely monitoring the issue to make sure that data is complete and secure. All systems are up, just slow, as the production database grinds through the update of a massive amount of records to enable new functions. These updates are taking longer than tests suggested they would, and that we expected. We anticipate that server performance will return to normal before the end of the weekend (as of morning Saturday July 30, 2015).

We apologize for any inconvenience and appreciate patience as the work is completed.


Alert errors reported and corrected.

Earlier this week (week of July 25, 2016), some customers received text alerts saying “No measurements have been received from your Wellntel sensor…. ” though a quick check of the dashboard showed sensors continuing to perform.

Thanks to those of you who reported the oddity.

The alerts were sent by mistake by one of our back-up servers. This specific server is a redundant repository for code and data that is maintained as a backup in case of a primary server down time. The back-up has the ability to send alerts, but normally that function is disabled. During a routine upgrade of software, the alert function was inadvertently switched on. Since sensors don’t point to that server, it confused lack of communication with an alert condition. Meanwhile, sensors continued to send and receive information from primary servers. If you had a “no measurements” alert set, you may have received texts by mistake. There was no interruption in service coinciding with this minor, albeit potentially annoying, bug.

The situation is corrected and we don’t expect it to happen again.

As always, email us at techsupport@wellntel.com with questions or comments.

What’s the difference between Wellntel’s Static and +Pump Kits?

… the difference is in the data.

In this short video, you can see that the Wellntel’s +Pump Kit knows when the pump us running or not, so that you can or include or exclude local pumping influence from your dashboard.

In general, the +Pump Kit is great when you want see and be able to distinguish between changes in water level in the well from internal (your family showering) and external (the neighbor water the lawn) influences.

The Static Kit is great when there isn’t a pump in the well, or when you’re trying to spot larger trends.

The technical difference is that the +Pump Kit includes a sensor that monitors when a pump turns on or off, and the software “tags” pump-triggered readings as such.

Wellntel wins BizTimes I.Q. Award for Innovation

IQ Award Wellntel

Wellntel will receive a BizTimes I.Q. Award for Innovation from BizTimes Media LLC.

The I.Q. Awards salute Southeastern Wisconsin businesses for their innovative products, services or processes.

The winners will receive their awards at a lunch ceremony on Wednesday, May 18, at Potawatomi Hotel & Casino, Woodland Dreams Ballroom, in Milwaukee at 1721 W. Canal St., from 11:30 a.m. to 1:30 p.m.

Climate change, population growth, and industrial farming are contributing to increased dependence on groundwater as well as rapid changes in groundwater storage. By launching the first ever non-invasive, consumer-friendly groundwater information system, Wellntel enlists citizens as groundwater stakeholders and advocates, so that groundwater, once the unmeasured resource, can be managed sustainably. Since launch in 2015, Wellntel has sold systems in 18 states and collected over 1.6 million groundwater readings.

Wellntel CEO Marian Singer said, “Wellntel is proud to be tackling global water problems with simple and useful solutions created here in Milwaukee. We’re excited to be recognized with this prestigious award.”

The award adds to an impressive string of accolades earned by Wellntel, which was the runner up in ImagineH20’s Global Water Start-Up Competition, was inducted in Batch II of the Brew, and won the Golden Blender at the 2015 FoodIT competition. Wellntel was also invited to participate in the the White House’ conference on Open Science and Innovation in September 2015.

Here is a complete list of the I.Q. Awards recipients:

  • Agro Biosciences Inc.
  • Astronautics Corp. of America
  • Brew City Brand
  • Briggs & Stratton
  • Connected Technology Solutions
  • Fiserv Inc.
  • Millennium Forms LLC
  • Seiva Technologies
  • Wellntel Inc.

Wisconsinites care about their groundwater


Wellntel in Wisconsin

Wellntel isn’t just for drought: it’s for anyone interested in resources, water, conservation, climate and weather, farming, irrigation, or just, simply, lowering costs and preventing emergencies.

That’s why, in water-rich Wisconsin, Wellntel networks are popping up all over:

Here is the current list of counties with Wellntel:

  • Dane
  • Ozaukee
  • Washington
  • Waukesha
  • Milwaukee
  • Manitowoc
  • Sheboygan
  • Kewaunee
  • Dane
  • Taylor
  • Dunn
  • Eau Claire
  • Chippewa
  • LaFayette

Wisconsinites care about their groundwater.


Can I add users to my Wellntel Dashboard?

As of April, 2016, primary account holders (customers) can add users to their Wellntel Dashboard.

It’s a great tool for family, friends or caretakers to have access to data from a Wellntel sensor(s).

For example, if you run a vineyard, you might want an irrigation manager to track groundwater levels. If you have a domestic well at your home, you might want to share access with a family member or two.

Here’s how:

Only the primary account-holder can add new users to a Wellntel account. After logging in as the primary account-holder, go to Manage System:

Add a User 1

Click Manage Users:

Add a user 2

Click Add New User:

Add a user 3

Fill out the new user details. Each will need to have their own unique email address for login. You can set a password, and the new user can change it later.

Add a well form

You can add (disable and delete) as many users as you want:

Add a user complete


When the account is setup, the new user will receive a notification.

Add a well email

Additional users are able to access the dashboard to see and download data, they can upload readings from a sensor using SensorBuddy, and they can set their own timezone and password, but they do not have alert control or the ability to manage sites and wells or add additional users themselves.

How Wellntel is fueling a #groundwaterinformationrevolution

Until Wellntel, anyone wanting to know about groundwater depended on a limited array of complex or cumbersome tools to find groundwater or well water levels. The least expensive, but most cumbersome, is demonstrated here:

Tapes, loggers and transducers all require an open well and an expert on site. They are expensive to buy and use. So they aren’t used often enough or close enough to a location of interest to matter.

Wellntel’s focus is to deliver the most information to the most people, regardless of budget and expertise. To do this, we created an affordable, accurate, continuous, and permanent groundwater and well water level monitoring system. It’s a whole new ballgame in terms of collection, analysis, reach, and cost per reading.

Wellntel: a whole new ballgame

In 8 months since launching commercially, Wellntel has:

  • Gathered over 1.25 million groundwater measurements in 15 states.
  • Informed new local groundwater agreements.
  • Confirmed connections between extreme rainfall and groundwater recharge.
  • Helped communities grapple with intense pumping or deep drought.
  • Identified dozens of leaky pipes and tanks and helped owners save money with preventive maintenance.
  • Warned homeowners, farmers and servicers of failing pumps and wells before it’s too late.

The Wellntel innovation is sparking a #groundwaterinformationrevolution (go ahead, tweet it!) Americans are becoming intensly groundwater aware. What was once mystical is now factual.

Moreover, groundwater professionals are benefitting largely. By supporting the development of local Wellntel networks, scientists and engineers can pinpoint problems before they become emergencies. They can amass ground truth an unmatched resolution. And they can finally find correlations and interdependencies in the water cycle that were invisible before.

To learn more about the #groundwaterinformationrevolution, register to attend a Webinar featuring case examples and an under-the-hood look at this groundbreaking development.