#WaterWeek2014 calls Team Wellntel to Washington DC

The “Culminating event of Water Week 2014 will highlight and celebrate progressive solutions to our nation’s most pressing water challenges.”

There, Wellntel will join other water innovators — Xylem, ImagineH20, Pave Drain and GE Water — to share ideas and solutions.

We’ll showcase Wellntel’s novel technology and citizen-centered approach to a sustainable groundwater future. We’ll meet with agencies with a vested interest, like the USGS, FDA and EPA, and we’ll visit with members of congress.

We’ll be tweeting from the event with updates and announcements.

This new poster and slogan should catch some attention. What do you think?

Wellntel Designed from the Groundwater Up 800

Name change not a joke: Bookmark Wellntel.

Wellintel is becoming Wellntel. Expect changes over the next few days. Our new web address www.wellntel.com will come online. Our Facebook page will change. Our email addresses will change. We’ll send reminders with each update.

Keep up with tweets and updates at: https://twitter.com/wellntel

April Fools. Not.

April 1st seemed like the best day to go public with the news that:

Wellintel is becoming Wellntel. Seriously. No Joke. April fools day, aside.

We’re dropping the “i.”

It’s a long story, but suffice to say, Wellntel will not be confused. Ever.

Here’s our new logo:

Wellntel Logo

And in the next few days, you’ll see our website address, Facebook, Youtube and email addresses change. Twitter is already changed.

Seriously. Really. Yup.

April Fools. Not.

“2nd place couldn’t feel any better”

This was the subject line of an email from CEO Marian Singer, sent to Team Wellntel — investors, friends and partners — after it was announced that Wellntel is a runner up in Imagine H20’s Global Water Technology Competition. Here is what else she had to say:

Good evening –

Nick and I are proud to report that – drum roll, please – Wellntel was announced as one of two runners up in the Early Growth Track of the Imagine H20 Competition! As a quick reminder, the field of competition started with more than 70 companies and was whittled down to 12 finalists – 6 in the Early Growth Track and 6 in the Growth Stage Track. We’re in a terrific cohort of winners in the Early Growth Track – our fellow runner up is WatrHub (http://www.watrhub.com) from Toronto and the winner of our track is TerrAvion (http://www.terravion.com) of Livermore, CA.

We received meaningful prize money, some valuable in-kind services and a bunch of exposure with potential investors, customers and an interview with CNN.com and a reporter who writes for NYTimes and Salon.com. We’ll proudly join the Imagine H20 portfolio, and be featured at upcoming water events and international trade shows. Couldn’t ask for a better 2 days.

Thank you for all your support – we couldn’t do this without you

– Marian.

Imagine H20 2014 Water Gala

Wellntel helping folks manage the California drought


The area around Paso Robles California, part of the Central Coast region of California, is known for its idyllic rural setting and its prolific agricultural output. Once dotted with dry-farmed almond groves, now boutique and large scale vineyards and specialty ranches mingle with villas and hillside homesteads. And like most of California, the area is experiencing the worst drought in memory.

The first-ever citizen-sponsored groundwater information system, developed by Wellntel, recently went online near Paso Robles. Information about groundwater levels will be collected by Wellntel sensors for the well owners so that they can, for the first time, see the ebbs and flows of a critical asset and develop smart approaches to groundwater management.

The program was made possible by resident Sue Luft, who leads PRO Water Equity, a coalition of area groundwater stakeholders (farmers and citizens) that has been working to develop a local groundwater management district to ensure that quality of life can continue in the areas.

Members of the Wellntel team, including Marian Singer, Dave Garner, and Nick Hayes, worked with well service professionals Kurt and Mark Bollinger at Miller Drilling to install and test Wellntel sensors on a wide array of private water wells in the region, some feeding homes, others used to hydrate vineyards and ranches.

Wellntel’s novel sensors will keep a continuous tab on fluctuations in the groundwater table, looking for changes in the overall level of groundwater in the area, as well as the performance of each individual well. Program participants will be able to see what is happening over time on a private website. Wellntel does not measure consumption, only supply. It is designed to give the homeowner or farmer the piece of mind that the water and well system they depend on is healthy.

The program will last for many months with field support from students at Cal Poly and groundwater modeling and reports provided by members of the hydro-climate group at UC Berkeley.

Wellntel’s engineers are using the experience to improve and simplify sensor and network design, preparing for a national launch of the technology this summer. The sensors in these images are not the final Wellntel design, but special systems meant for pilot program duty.


To learn about citizen-sponsored groundwater monitoring, the pilot program in Paso Robles or Wellntel technologies, please contact Wellntel at info@wellntel.com.

Wellntel a Finalist in Imagine H20’s Global Water Start-Up Competition

Imagine H2O Logo

Wellntel has been named a finalist in the fifth annual Imagine H2O Global Water Start-Up Competition.

Imagine H2O is a nonprofit organization that supports market-based solutions to water challenges. This year’s contest is designed to accelerate promising water innovations for the food and agriculture sectors, something Wellntel can and will do, by connecting groundwater resource information to food and agriculture production for farmers and AG businesses, in novel and useful ways.

Wellntel was chosen as one of six finalists in the Early-Stage Track in the fifth annual business innovation competition. As a finalist, Wellntel will become a member of the Imagine H2O Accelerator, which includes access to beta customers and pilot partners as well as the opportunity to compete for more than $200,000 in cash and in-kind services. More than 70 start-ups from 11 countries submitted entries in this year’s Food and Agriculture themed competition. ImagineH20’s competition has an impressive track record, with prior winners and finalists together accounting for $1 of every $10 of early stage financing in the water sector.

Wellntel is a Shorewood, Wisconsin based water technology company that designs simple technologies to help people learn about and care for their groundwater.

Next, members of the Wellntel team, in partnership with global water leaders as mentors, will prepare for the Imagine H20 2014 showcase, which will be held in San Francisco in March of 2014, where winners will be announced.

More news here: http://www.sacbee.com/2014/01/08/6056965/imagine-h2o-names-finalists-in.html

The Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel has also picked up the story: http://www.jsonline.com/business/shorewood-company-advances-in-water-start-up-contest-b99181402z1-239620941.html


Wellntel in National Driller Magazine

Wellntel is featured in the December issue of National Driller Magazine, with a cover headline and a three page piece by Holly Case. In addition to interviewing Team Wellntel, Holly visited with Sue Luft, President of Pro Water Equity, a group working on groundwater issues in the Central Coast of California, and who is graciously leading a Wellntel pilot project near Paso Robles, California.

Holly’s article does a great job of explaining why and how groundwater information will change the way that people like Sue and her neighbors will care for their groundwater resources. It also explains how and why groundwater professionals – well drillers, servicers, and contractors – will benefit from helping their customers with Wellntel’s groundbreaking groundwater information.

Read it here.

Wellntel in National Driller



Wellntel tells private well owners “what’s going on down there”

Here’s a short demonstration showing what Wellntel customers can do with information about the groundwater in their water wells.

Wellntel Website Demo

25% of cropland is water stressed

The World Resources Institute’s Aquaduct project has published a global assessment of agricultural risk from water shortages. The report says that 25% of the world’s agriculture is grown in highly water-stressed areas, suggesting that sustainable water practices will be vital to farm businesses and the people that depend on them for food. The data are available to all, per Creative Commons Attribution. Click here to explore for yourself.

Aquaduct's Ag Water Risk Map

Aquaduct’s Cropland Water Risk Map