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  • my.wellntel.com goes mobile!

my.wellntel.com goes mobile!

Today, 12/10/2015, my.wellntel.com received major upgrades to improve the customer and dealer experience. There are many new features to celebrate (too many to list in one blog post.)

One of the most exciting, however, is that my.wellntel.com has gone mobile. If you login via a smart phone or tablet, you will be presented with a simple mobile dashboard containing:

  1. A tool to select among your Wells and Sites. This will help you quickly switch back and forth between one or more Wellntel systems, if you have more than one.
  2. The latest data from your selected Wellntel. With the new mobile app/site, you can check the latest reading value, a 30 day average, system health, and more.

    Wellntel Mobile 3

  3. Scroll down to review the most recent telemetry log entries from Wellntel Sensors and Gateways and refresh for the latest. This is especially useful for installation, start-up and troubleshooting. It will confirm (or not) that readings are getting from your Sensor to the Cloud. We’ve included it this cloud update and mobile app to speed the start-up process.

    Carry your phone into the field, hit the Force Reading button, and, voila!, there is your groundwater level, on your smartphone. If it doesn’t appear — you can check the rest of the network instantly.

Wellntel Mobile 2

Check back here for more news about this important upgrade.