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  • John Teppler joins Wellntel as Technical Lead

John Teppler joins Wellntel as Technical Lead

Wellntel is excited to announce the addition of John Teppler as Technical Lead.

John has been working closely with the Science, R&D and Commercial Teams for the last month, learning about Wellntel Sensor, Gateway and Cloud technologies, participating in research projects in the lab and the field, and of course, supporting customers and sponsors with answers to questions and system improvements.

John joins Wellntel with a BS in Geosciences, passions for hydrology and hydrogeology from University of Wisconsin Milwaukee, and deep experience with sensors, data, and groundwater using tools like ArcGIS, ArcMap, MATlab, GroundwaterVista, MODFlow and MODPath. During his work as an Undergraduate Researcher at UWM, he focused on distributed temperature sensing in ground to surface water interactions. During field work, he helped induce geyser eruptions using hydrostatic pressure near Green River, Utah.

John gets groundwater and is eager to help others get it too.

Most importantly, John is personable, quick, and creative. Customers will appreciate his straight talk and responsiveness.

John can be reached at jpteppler@wellntel.com or via the Wellntel toll-free number, which is 844-935-5426.