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    • New to Wellntel?
      General questions about who Wellntel is for, how it works and where to get one.
      • What is Wellntel and how does it work?
      • Learn about the Wellntel groundwater level monitoring system and how it works.
      • Will Wellntel work with my internet service?
      • Most Wellntel Systems come with a plug-and-play Wellntel Gateway for Telemetry

        The Wellntel Gateway is a wired ethernet device that receives and transmits messages from/to the sensor via radio and receives and transmits messages from/to the cloud via internet services (TCP) when connected to power and a customer-supplier router connected to the Internet.

        The Gateway communicates with the Wellntel Sensor(s) using a proprietary low power radio in the 902-928 MHz ISM band. ( ISM bands are governed by Federal Communications Commission (FCC) rules.

        Commonly, the Wellntel Gateway is connected via a common Cat5e Ethernet cable (included) to an open port on any Internet-connected router that can serve, via DHCP, an IP address and provide a clear path to Internet Time Servers and the Wellntel Cloud. The Gateway requires no special address provisioning, software or firewall support when connected to most domestic or small farm or small business networks.

        Enterprise or restricted Local Area Networks, like those used in commercial businesses and public offices, may require that a network administrator or owner enable personal web services (HTTP) on port 80 on the IP address or port assigned to the Gateway. Contact a network administrator or refer to the manual of your Internet Router for this common configuration change. No special settings are required on the Gateway.

        For networks where a fixed IP address or other fixed settings are required, network settings can be configurable on the Wellntel Gateway. A PC, with the correct drivers installed and a USB Virtual COM console is used for this purpose. The interface is a simple text-based interface using a serial terminal application, such as Hyperterminal, RealTerm, or TeraTerm. USB Virtual COM drivers and instructions are downloadable at in the customer accessible technical forums.

        Cellular Option:  Wellntel ​systems​ are available with cellular modem connectivity where internet services are not available. These systems include a weather-proof communication base station including a cellular modem and cellular data subscription (monthly charges will apply) and a choice of power sources, either AC power, or a solar system capable of supporting the continuously power requirements of the communication equipment.

      • Learn How Wellntel can Help You
      • Learn how Wellntel is helping groundwater professionals, home owners, farmers, and businesses all over the US and Canada.
      • Wellntel Site and Well Selection
      • Learn best practices for choosing locations and wells that will work with a Wellntel system.
      • How accurate is Wellntel and how do I know?
      • Learn about Wellntel sensor accuracy, calibrations, and how to compare Wellntel sensors to other water level sensors.
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