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Report urges building of national #groundwater monitoring network

Critical Needs for the Twenty-first Century: The Role of Geosciences was released this week by the American Geosciences Institute. Providing sufficient supplies of water is one of eight critical needs identified in the report. Within that need the report specifically recommends, “Monitoring of surface and subsurface water quantity and quality with a focus on enhancing… Read more »

Groundwater vital to millions

Eighty-eight million Americans rely on groundwater supplied by community water systems, while another 42 million depend on individual household wells. via Groundwater even more important in times of drought.

Satellite images show that U.S. #groundwater is stressed

[youtube] Measurements of ground water—rather than water on the surface—reveal the long-term effects of drought. These maps show ground water conditions in the U.S. compared to the long-term average from August 2002 to August 2012. (Map by Chris Poulsen, National Drought Mitigation Center, based on data from the GRACE science team.) via Measuring Ground… Read more »

KY Gov Urges Groundwater Protection

“More than 900,000 people in Kentucky draw all or part of their domestic-use water from groundwater supplies and use more than 200 million gallons a day,” said Kentucky Director of Water Sandy Gruzesky. “It is important that we learn how to protect our groundwater.” via Governor Urges Citizens to Protect Groundwater |

Aquifers heading towards bankruptcy

Why our groundwater aquifers are heading towards bankruptcy | Guardian Sustainable Business | Guardian Professional. Key point: In the absence of leadership from governments, local communities must take matters into their own hands

Groundwater regulations coming

Drought-stricken counties are forming a new water district to protect groundwater with price and regulations. Groundwater district in works to protect water source | water, district, source – Odessa American Online. “City of Kermit Director of Public Works John Sheppard said since the drought of 2011, the city never had to use water restrictions. The… Read more »

Groundwater drying up in Texas

That Sinking Feeling About Groundwater in Texas – News Watch. The High Plains Water District, based in Lubbock, recently reported that the 2011-12 drought drove groundwater levels in its sixteen-county service area to drop an average of 2.56 feet (0.78 meters) – the largest annual decline recorded in the last 25 years and more than… Read more »

Where do you get your water from?

This simple, non-scientific poll will give you insights into how others get water. Please take 3 seconds to answer. [polldaddy poll=6463354]