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Business awareness of water-risk growing

Awareness of the impact of water related issues on business operations is growing. The CDP Global Water Report, which surveyed 185 of 318 companies listed on the FTSE Global Equity Index Series (Global 500), found 68 percent of companies view water as a substantial risk to their business. Companies are even beginning to reach into… Read more »

How does an aquifer work?

Here is a fun video of a model of the Texas Edwards aquifer, along with demonstrations of recharge and contamination and a call for water conservation and management.

Pike County Conservation District tracking #groundwater, sharing data

Photo Credit: The River Reporter by Sandy Long ‘The longer the record you have, the more powerful the data becomes,’ said Lisa Senior of the U.S. Geological Survey (USGS), Pennsylvania Water Science Center in Exton. Senior was updating members of the Pike County Conservation District (PCCD) board of directors on the Pike County Groundwater Level… Read more »

Groundwater as seen from space

Researchers have been keeping tabs on the seasonal ups-and-downs in groundwater stores all over the world, and tracking longer-term trends like the depletion of the Ogalalla aquifer under the southwestern U.S.

We’ll soon pay dearly for safe-yield inaction

A forward-thinking Arizonan makes a strong case for the safe yield of Del Rio Springs #groundwater: Although it’s easy to overlook this slowly unfolding disaster, we should instead recognize that we can solve this problem and comfortably coexist with living springs and rivers. The drying of Del Rio Springs is a clear and present reminder… Read more »

Dried Up Wells Leave Dozens Thirsty

Residents in Wilkes County Georgia have been spending the last week without running water. More than a dozen of people, including babies have to travel outside their city to get fresh water. Residential wells are no longer producing due to drought. via Dried Up Wells Leave Dozens Thirsty