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Sponsored Network

Wellntel Networks are created and managed by SPONSORS, and hosted by MEMBERS, and are, therefore, scalable, efficient, and locally powerful.

Groundwater monitoring networks are arrays of sensors in which the data from a few or many sensors can be assembled to answer questions about connections between supply and demand in an area or evaluate risk or opportunity. Groundwater scientists have deployed arrays for many years, but the techniques and technologies traditionally used are expensive to buy and manage and are, therefore, limited in terms of reach and results.

Via a Wellntel network, SPONSORS and MEMBERS collaborate toward widespread, fact-based groundwater understanding to support smart planning, sustainable management, or know when neighbors might need help and what to do.

NETWORKS are planned or coming online in counties and townships in Illinois, Wisconsin, Oregon, New Mexico, Massachusetts, Oregon, California, Montana, and other places. Well owners get the vital operational data, and become part of the community conversation and the community is empowered to make development decisions based on facts.

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