Changing the way we look at groundwater

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More than 44 million Americans depend on a private well for their water. Drought conditions and overuse have caused ground water levels to drop all over the country. If a homeowner has a well that isn't deep enough, they may have to drill a deeper one or find water elsewhere; an expensive and troubling proposition.

The Journal Nature recently reported that globally, groundwater sources are stressed at 3.5 times their capacity to produce, and the New York Times reported that wells are running dry around the US midwest. Meanwhile, most people with wells have no idea if the water in their wells is dropping, rising, or staying the same. But pressure on groundwater doesn't just affect the homeowner. A lack of information is risky to communities too. Water stress is a drag on property values and impacts the tax base.

So well water information is vital. But almost nobody has it.

Until now, water level has been measured by experts - contractors, inspectors or scientists - using special tools and costly equipment. Since nobody can afford to open a well and test it every day, the information that is collected in these events in obsolete almost as soon as it is gathered.

Wellntel is a groundwater information system. With Wellntel, well owners can see current water level, water level over time, when pumping, and the information can be compared to previous periods and other factors like rainfall.

How does it work?