Wellntel - About Us

Our Inspiration:

Groundwater is a critical under-measured resource.

  • In the U.S. it's 44% drinking and 42% of irrigation supply; globally it’s closer to 70% of irrigation supply.
  • It provides the base flow for our streams, rivers and lakes.
  • It's our savings account.
  • It’s vital to food production, property value and strong local communities.

Traditional methods of measuring groundwater have been complex, invasive and expensive. Monitoring results are usually presented in reports and/or on websites that give trends across regions but they don’t deliver the locally actionable data that private well owners, farmers, businesses and communities need to plan for and sustainably manage their resource.

Wellntel changes all that.

Our goal is simple: we help well owners and communities identify trends, share information and take action.

Since our commercial launch in 2015, we’ve worked with more than 600 customers in 30 states and collected almost 10 million readings.

We’re starting a groundwater revolution. And we hope you’ll join us.

Ready to move water monitoring into the future? Call us at 844-935-5426 to make a customized plan.

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