Three purchase options

In Community Networks:


Turnkey: Wellntel supplies the equipment and support; customers simple get the data needed to satisfy local needs.

New Mexico Network

Working with Wellntel’s team, customers scope network location and extent, and facilitate introductions to local well owners. Wellntel takes it from there - specifying Wellntel equipment to meet environmental conditions, installing and training well owners, and providing 24/7 remote monitoring and maintenance to minimize data gaps and ensure continual measurement and real-time access online. Three (3) year minimum subscription for a minimum 10 well monitoring network. Pricing varies based on network size and telemetry configuration.

Customer-Managed: The network owner owns the equipment, Wellntel prepares data for websites and models.

Sensor Network

In this option, stakeholders decide upon measurement goals and requirements, purchase and install the equipment and perform any limited needed maintenance. Optionally, Wellntel can provide network scoping, selection and installation support on a contract basis. Wellntel readies the data for expert analytics or sharing, as directed by the customer. An annual data aggregation, processing and delivery service charge applies per well.

For an individual well not in a network

Wellntel Owner

Domestic well owners can purchase and maintain their own equipment and enjoy free browser and mobile access to a personal  Wellntel Dashboard where information about their well: water level, and optionally, pumping duty, drawdown and recovery data are delivered. Owners can also set alerts on local parameters, like nearness to the pump, to prevent emergencies.

Rebates may be available to owners of individual systems, if the owner chooses to join a forming local community network.

Individual systems can be installed by a handy do-it-yourselfer in about an hour.

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