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  • Wellntel Managed System (Indoor)

Wellntel Managed System (Indoor)

A Wellntel Managed System provides 24/7 monitoring and active response to unforeseen power and internet outages that can sometimes interrupt services.

What Does It Offer?

For places where power and/or Internet instability can cause unwanted service interruption.

Wellntel's Managed System provides the highest level of system uptime and performance available in any cloud-based environmental sensor. The package includes a factory-programmed internet power switch and controls for an onsite router or switch (*customer supplied) and your Wellntel Gateway (not included).

The system provides active 24/7 network monitoring and in the case of an Internet interruption, executes a graceful restart. In the case of a power outtage, network devices are restarted in sequence to minimize downtime and minimize network adminisration resources. In the case where either a router or gateway do not restart, a Wellntel technician will be notified and will execute remote diagnostics and system restart commands. The customer almost never needs to be involved.

These combined approaches ensure high-9's reliabily and availability of sensor, telemetry and data services, suitable for applications where uninterrupted data flow is important, local support is not available, or access to the equipment is difficult.


You'll connect the Wellntel Managed Switch to power and Internet, and connect your router and gateway. It's about as complicated as connecting two appliances to a power switch.

What’s in the box?

  • Factory pre-programmed Wellntel Managed Switch
  • Ethernet cables
  • Power cables
  • Installation Manual
  • Managed System monthly service fee ($18/month, renews annually)

If you plan to mount your equipment outside, you should instead select the Wellntel Managed System (Outdoor), which includes a waterproof and weatherproof enclosure large enough for router, gateway, switch, wire hardnesses and instructions for locating network equipment.

In rare circumstances network connectivity can fail catastrophically. In these cases, an owner or Wellntel dealer may need to visit a site for troubleshooting, but with this system, such events are minimized.


This product requires a service plan which costs $18/mo to provide active network monitoring by the Wellntel technical team. When you add-to-cart and then check-out, you will be billed for the equipment you've purchased, and service charges will be billed monthly.