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Wellntel Communication Base Station

A communication base station lets your Wellntel network communicate across cellular networks

What Does It Offer?

For very remote places lacking nearby Internet.

This communication base station comes with instructions and all parts (except for the post*) to take your Wellntel sensor online, even where there isn't available Internet services. It is an IP66 enclosure containing a 3G or LTE cell modem, power cables, and a space and cables for your existing Gateway or Gateways (add up to four.) By buying this hardware, you are also agreeing to pay a monthly fee for the cellular data plan that it requires.

*Sensor shown not included. If you need a sensor too, consider a Wellntel Static Remote or Wellntel +Pump Remote.


You'll mount the box, place and connect your Gateway or Gateways, and power it up. It can be up and running with a drill and a screwdriver in about an hour, and your Wellntel system will transmit data from anywhere where there is cell service.

What’s in the box?

  • Cellular modem
  • Ethernet switch
  • IP-67 water and weather-proof enclosure
  • Power strip, harness and connector
  • Mounting fasteners
  • Cables and Cord-grips
  • Installation Manual
  • Multi-Sensor monthly data plan ($21/month, renews annually)

* The box can be mounted to a common fence post, PVC pipe or electric conduit up to 1 1/2 inches diameter. Of course, it's a good idea to get it up high to maximize radio range to served sensors.


This product requires a data plan which costs $21/mo to transmit data via the Verizon cellular network, and has data capacity to accommodate more than one sensor or gateway. When you add-to-cart and then check-out, you will be billed for the equipment you've purchased, and cellular charges will be billed monthly.