Wellntel Home Static

Monitor static groundwater in one well.

What Does It Offer?

Monitor static water level and set alerts for low water, pump risk and low battery for one well. See regional groundwater water trends.

Wellntel Home Static is designed for one groundwater well of common construction. It can be mounting on an access port on a common well seal or turtle cap. If you have Internet service within about 1/2 mile of the sensor, a Wellntel can be used to transmit data to the cloud. If not, we'll remind you to collect the data using Wellntel's SensorBuddy, a free application for your PC.

*Image shows installation on a well-seal. Sensor can also be mounted on a compatible turtle cap. See options, below.

What’s in the box?

  • One Wellntel Sensor and the power and communication options of your choice
  • All cords and cables
  • Adapters 
  • Tuning Vent (for well-seals)
  • Tamper proof lock
  • Quick start card
  • Subscription to groundwater and private well information at my.wellntel.com

Base price: $348.00

> Start here to build your own

Step One: Select the style of wellhead you have so that we can send the correct adapter.

Northern version with port:

The water pipe and electricity are buried below ground and your well has a vented turtle cap with a 1/2" NPT access port.
Northern Version without a port:

The water pipe and electricity are buried below ground, but your turtle cap needs a port. This Wellntel compatible Turtle Cap has a 1/2" NPT access port, and can be installed in place of your existing cap on any well with a 6" casing. Make sure to specify whether your casing pipe is cast iron or PVC, in the selection box below.
*Check local electric codes for rules about disconnecting and reconnecting the pump wiring, which passes through this cap. The power to the pump MUST be off while installing, and an electrician may be required.
Southern Version:
The water pipe and electricity exits above ground and your well has a well-seal, with an available 1/2" NPT access port. You will also need a Wellntel Tuning Vent to lift the sensor above water and electric equipment and provide ventilation without signal degradation.

If you are unsure what type of wellhead you have, take a quick picture and send it to our Technical Support team at techsupport@wellntel.com. We'll get back right away with a recommendation.

Step Two: select from three communication options

Send data from the sensor to an in-home Gateway less than 1000 feet away and with line of site between the devices.

The Wellntel Gateway is designed to connect Wellntel Sensors to the Internet using nearby wired Internet access.
For situations where the well is over 1000 feet away (but less than 2200 feet away), behind a hill or thick vegetation or metal or stucco buildings.
This kit comes with a High Power Gateway and two extensions/brackets for mounting either or both antenna outside and up high for increased radio transmission range.
If you have a PC laptop, you can download sensor readings ...
... and upload them to the cloud as if a Gateway was onsite. Readings will only be presented as often as you visit, and we'll send you a reminder when the time is near.

If you are unsure whether your well is close enough to your Internet service, email our Technical Support team at techsupport@wellntel.com. We'll get back right away instructions for measuring distance, or we'll do it for you using Google Maps.

Step Three: select from three power sources or supply your own

Power your Wellntel Sensor using our Extreme Weather Battery Packs.
These battery packs are designed to operate in the cold winter and the hot summer. Buy one to get started, or buy two at a time, so that you will have one for back-up, and get 10% off.
Connect to any 110V wall outlet to supply continuous power to your Wellntel Sensor.
Our AC Adapter kit is rated for outdoor temperatures, but will require a nearby electrical outlet and should be installed in a water-proof enclosure, per local codes. This power source works very well if your wellhead is inside a building.
Power your Wellntel Sensor from the sun.

Not a lightweight system: this is hardened, water- and weather-proof gear hand-picked by our engineers to power your Wellntel for years.

What else might I need?

Bracket and Harness

For when there is limited space at the wellhead...

....Wellntel offers a bracket and custom harness to split the sensor and lift the brains out of the way.

Using this extension cable, you can lift or move either or both your sensor or gateway antenna to improve signal access and strength.
The antenna can be mounted on a riser pipe, an outside wall or a fencepost. Line of site between antennae is always best!

For applications where uninterrupted data flow is important, local support is not available, or access to the equipment is difficult…

....Wellntel offers a Managed System with 24/7 support to maximize uptime and availability.

This product requires a service plan which costs $18/mo to provide active network monitoring by the Wellntel technical team. When you add-to-cart and then check-out, you will be billed for the equipment you've purchased, and service charges will be billed monthly.


For when you want to transmit via cellular networks...

....Wellntel offers a Communication Base station that can house up to 4 Gateways.

This product requires a data plan which costs $21/mo to transmit data via the Verizon cellular network, and has data capacity to accommodate more than one sensor or gateway. When you add-to-cart and then check-out, you will be billed for the equipment you've purchased, and cellular charges will be billed monthly.