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What to expect with your new Wellntel

After you’ve installed Wellntel and registered, login to my.wellntel.com, and you may see the first reading(s).

When will I see my data?

The sensor’s default settings have it scheduled to take a reading every 4 hours (we call this Timed Interval), and a series of readings when your pump runs and stops, so that you can see pump drawdown and your well recovery rates.  So, depending on how often your pump runs, it may take minutes or up to a few hours for the first readings to appear.

How often will I see new data?

Timed Interval is something that we can program for you, and that later this summer, you will be able to program yourself. You can let us know if 4 hours is frequent enough for you, knowing that more or less readings per day directly impacts battery life.

Will the first readings be accurate?

The sensor will take some time to calibrate – sometimes just hours, but sometimes a few days or a week, depending on complexity. The system learns over time and appreciates your patience as it builds history with your well.

How can I learn more?

If you haven’t already, we suggest that as a next step, you visit my.wellntel.com, and click on the Menu in the upper right hand corner, then “Manage System”, and “Alerts”, to program alerts that can be sent to you if there are changes you want know about changes with or your groundwater or your well.

The menu button looks like this:

Menu Button

And feel free to email Team Wellntel (info@wellntel.com) with questions, comments or suggestions.