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  • Understanding the Telemetry Module on your Wellntel Dashboard

Understanding the Telemetry Module on your Wellntel Dashboard

The Telemetry Module is a useful tool to ensure successful start up and to support troubleshooting, need be. Here is what you’re looking at, and how to use the information:

Wellntel Telemetry Module Sample

Things to look for:

Healthy Telemetry

  1. Generally, entries from both the Gateway and the Sensor should be listed, without duplicates. The Gateway, once up and connected, will “ping” the server once an hour, and the Sensor, once connected, will send readings as often as the programmed “time interval,” when you force a reading, or the pump runs. Information is good.
  2. An event (a ping or reading) will be given a timestamp by the device, and will arrive at the server a little while later. You can see, in this log, that Sensor readings are being sent and received a few seconds or minutes apart. Closeness is goodness.

What else can I learn?

  1. No recent timestamps. If both the Gateway and the Sensor have not communicated in a while this would indicate an interruption in Internet service, and should be corrected locally.
  2. Old events, received recently: If the Sensor is sending events from a few days ago, this means that there was a temporary interruption in service, or the Sensor has taken so many readings that it will take some time for them to be delivered. This condition is called de-queuing, and it should resolve within a day or so. If it is persistent, we may suggest a slower interval between pumping readings.
  3. Timestamps in the distant past. If you see a timestamp from 2001, then the Gateway was unable, for whatever reason, to get time from Internet servers when it started up. This condition is usually temporary and not a concern. But if this “bad” time does not eventually clear, and the sensor also sends “bad” times, we will suggest a re-start. We may also suggest alternative network settings.
  4. No Sensor Events at start up. If the log shows only Gateway events at start up, we would suspect very weak or no radio reception and suggest first retrying the initial start-up procedure, and then alternative antenna and placement, assuming all other connections and conditions of installation and powering have been met. 
  5. No Sensor Events after running. If the log shows only Gateway events after the system has been running, it usually means that the sensor has lost power. Other charts and graphs will suggest the same. Check your power sources.
  6. Many Duplicates: A log with duplicate messages indicates weak but workable radio reception. In this situation, events are being sent more than once, because somewhere during transmission, and communication was interrupted. We may suggest an alternative antenna and placement.

Note: As of 9/16/2015, your Telemetry Module has been improved to correctly display time in your local timezone. If it doesn’t, it means that timezone is not correctly set in your user profile. Please let us know if you need help setting it.