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How does Wellntel mount on a well?

On a well seal: A Wellntel Sensor can be mounted on the access port on any common well-seal with a ½ inch NPT threaded opening, and can be lifted out of the way of plumbing fittings using a riser pipe up to 18” long, as long as sufficient venting or airflow is available through either connectors and conduit providing power to the well, or other venting means*.

Wellntel South Home Install

On a turtle cap: A common vented turtle cap can be drilled and tapped (½ NPT) to accommodate a Wellntel Sensor, and installed using a 1.5” tall threaded lead-free bronze close nipple (included). Wellntel offers a pre-drilled cap, optionally.

Wellntel North Home Install

A Sensor probe is placed in the access port, and hangs 24” below the Sensor module, as shown.

Wellntel has been tested on pipes and tubes (like sounding tubes) as narrow as 3/4” ID and on wells up to 12” in diameter.

Wellntel provides a quick-start installation guide with every system. Those documents, and supporting instructional videos, are available at www.wellntel.com.

Direct questions to info@wellntel.com or call 844-935-5426.


* Wellntel will not work reliably, and may break or be damaged, on a well with insufficient venting to allow for the entry or escape of air into the well during pumping events. To enable venting, Wellntel recommends the addition of a common T-fitting and sanitary air vent below the Wellntel sensor system. Installing a Wellntel Sensor on a well with insufficient venting may damage the Sensor, and will void the warranty.